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Shoppers have more reason to be merry as Aman Central teams up with Sony Pictures Entertainment to take this holiday season up to a whole new level, with a more adventurous, memorable, Instagrammable and thrilling approach with Jumanji Christmas!

Guests and shoppers can experience the actual feeling of being captivated in the iconic Jumanji board game during this holiday. With magnanimous amount of redemptions, contests and giveaways, this Christmas event and décor will surely be one worth visiting.

The décor itself is on a whole new level as Aman Central literally brings a jungle to life inside the mall. The Jumanji Playground is definitely a place where both the young and old can relish whereby a swing and see-saw are main highlights for all to come and try out themselves. With real live plants surrounding the whole atrium, a tree-house for the baboons to seek for shelter, plenty of green vines, a majestic elephant fronting the Jumanji entrance and a beautiful female leopard lurking for the next victim, shoppers get to experience a real-life scene from the movie.

The theme Jumanji Christmas was chosen to emphasize that Christmas or family gatherings do not necessarily need to be celebrated in cold weather, but it is celebrated with our loved ones. Importantly, to further instill the holiday spirit, plenty of Christmas jingles and songs are played in ambience, and a giant tree in the middle of the atrium with ornaments are lighted up with abundant fairy lights!

The Jumanji Christmas launch held on 29th November 2019 marked a joyous celebration to welcome this year’s Christmas festivities with excitement and spectacular splendor for everyone. The ceremony had the privilege to have Yang Berhormat Mohd Firdaus bin Ahmad, Chairman of Information, Communications & Multimedia and Non-Governmental Organization; Datin Suryani, Director of Belleview Group, Ms Grace Ho, Director of Belleview Group together with Catherine Chai, Marketing Manager for Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia, Mr Ken Chin, Marketing & Communication Senior Manager of Aman Central, and Mr Alsyukri Bin Hamzah, Operations General Manager of Menteri Besar Kedah Incorporated to officiate the event.

Mr Ken Chin, Marketing & Communication Senior Manager of Aman Central said, “Christmas, being one of the most highly anticipated seasons encourages us to bring wonders to the mall. This year, a collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment was made with the intention of allowing all shoppers to experience a world of Jumanji that fosters adventure, a journey of fun, enjoyment and hope. Jumanji Christmas was specially crafted with love as an escapism for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind.”

Marketing Manager for Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia, Ms Catherine Chai also said in her speech, “Throughout the whole world, I believe this is the first ever mall to have a fusion of Jumanji and Christmas infused in one. This is what I call, THE NEXT LEVEL.”

“Knowing that a CSR campaign will be initiated by both Aman Central and Menteri Besar Incorporated Kedah, I personally can’t wait to see what MBI will do in future with the proceedings to help those less fortunate. Because every single small action, small token, small change can mean the world to one person,” Added Mr Ken Chin.

Mr Ken Chin further added that to ensure the year 2020 reaches new heights, Aman Central welcomes more tenants into Kedah and the market for shoppers to enjoy and splurge on such as Adidas, VenzyTea, Jeans Master, Osim, Ms Read, and upcoming new tenants include, CPG x Duchess, Medi Beaute, Dubuyo, Cotton On, Typo, 4 Fingers, Caca’s, Daboba, Fana Couture and San Francisco Coffee.

The ceremony ended with a launching gimmick of Yang Berhormat Mohd Firdaus bin Ahmad along with Datin Suryani, Ms Grace Ho, Ms Catherine Chai and other guests to activate a giant TNT Box which resulted the entire Jumanji Christmas to be lit up with fairy lights as a symbol that the holiday magic is released or rather, exploded into the air. Even the outdoor lighting was affected too, as the trees surrounding the exterior lit up like twinkling fireflies.

Other partners and tenants that helped spark the event included tenant booths Medi Beaute, Body Glove, G Ayu Collection, Houz of Scents, Young Hearts, Tomei, Famous Amos, Fipper, TM (Unifi), Carlo Rino, GSC, Chizu & Hanzu and lastly, Menteri Besar Incorporated Kedah.


The CSR Gala Premiere is a brainchild of Aman Central with a joint collaboration with Menteri Besar Incorporated to reach out to those less fortunate. The proceeds collected from the CSR Gala Premiere to charity homes, is part of the mall’s ongoing CSR initiatives. Tickets were sold from 22nd November onwards with each ticket value at RM50 inclusive of a complimentary popcorn and drink. The children from the charity homes that came to the Gala Premiere held on Thursday, 5th December 2019 were beaming with joy and excitement to see the décor and watch the movie – which in reality is priceless.

JUMANJI PHOTOGRAPHY FEST CONTEST (18th November 2019 – 29th December 2019)

Jumanji is back on a whole new level and so is the prize of this photo contest! Sony Pictures Entertainment together with Aman Central will be giving to a lucky winner a lifetime trip experience to Mount Bromo for TWO! Indonesia’s most iconic active volcano situated in East Java, will surely be an experience filled with picturesque moments.

All shoppers have to do is to:
SNAP the WANT-MOMENT at the Jumanji Christmas Décor, POST it up on Instagram (make sure account is public) and hashtag #ACContest #Jumanji #JumanjiChristmas.

The best part is participants will enjoy one (1) complimentary movie ticket which will be given upon participation! (Valid while stocks last). If you’re not chosen to be the grand prize winner, fret not as we will be giving away Jumanji Exclusive Movie Collectibles as consolation prizes.


Since Christmas is all about giving, Aman Central is giving out plenty of awesome rewards for you shoppers! Starting this 28th November, make your shopping more delightful this Christmas by bringing home exclusive Jumanji movie merchandise collectibles from Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Carabiner Compass (28/11/2019 – 8/12/2019
Get an official carabiner compass once you spend RM350 and above in a single receipt, and also receive a complimentary RM 50 voucher from Carlo Rino.

Fabric Patches (9/12/2019 – 15/12/2019
Get an exclusive Fabric Patches once you spend RM550 and above in a single receipt.

Water Bottle (16/12/2019 – 22/12/2019)
Get an exclusive water bottle with purchase of RM850 and above in a single receipt, and also a complimentary Carlo Rino collectible rain boots.

Backpack (23/12/2019 – 29/12/2019
Spend your way to RM1,300 and above in a single receipt to receive an exclusive Jumanji Backpack.


The holiday season is back, but the game has changed! From the main entrance, experience a wild Christmas this year until the 25th of December 2019, with the transformation of the Central Atrium into a scene form Jumanji!

Bask in the festivity and catch jungle action performances mixed with Christmas elements for all to enjoy!

Junior Ballet Troops
29 November | 4.00 pm
6 December | 2.30 pm
13 December | 2.30 pm
20 December | 2.30 pm
24 December | 4.00 pm

Kicking off the Christmas holiday will be Junior Ballet Troops! Be mesmerized and enjoy the adorable dancers moving to the beat of the jungle and Christmas songs.

Snow in the Jungle
6 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm
7 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm
13 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm
14 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm
20 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm
21 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm
22 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm
23 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm
24 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm
25 December | 3 pm & 6.30 pm

You can never expect what you’ll find in Jumanji! Bring along your kids to experience a magical moment of snow in the jungle!

A Day in Jumanji

6 December | 6.00 pm
13 December | 6.00 pm
15 December | 3.30 pm

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were stuck in a day in Jumanji? Catch this mesmerizing performance for a treat like no other!

Santa Lion Claus

7 December | 2.30 pm
14 December | 2.30 pm
20 December | 5.00 pm
21 December | 5.00 pm
24 December | 6.00 pm
25 December | 5.00 pm

Ho Ho Roar! What’s a Christmas without Santa Claus and some sweet treats? But then again, this is Jumanji, so be prepared to meet the Santa Lion Claus, a Santa like no other! We promise he won’t bite!

Wild Unicyclist
7 December | 6.00 pm
14 December | 6.00 pm
22 December | 2.30 pm

What’s Jumanji without some thrilling action? Catch the wild unicyclist and enjoy his surprising stunts and tricks!

Jungle Stilt Walker
8 December | 3.30 pm
14 December | 2.30 pm

Catch the amazing Jungle Stilt Walker and his incredible jungle action performance!

Street Performance
(USA) 20 December | 4 pm & 6 pm
(USA) 21 December | 2.30 pm & 4 pm
(Hungary) 24 December | 2.30 pm & 5 pm
(Hungary) 25 December | 2.30 pm & 4 pm

Enjoy and be captivated by unique street performances by famous street performers from the US and Hungary.

Amazing Acrobats
21 December | 6.00 pm
23 December | 6.00 pm
25 December | 6.00 pm

Catch the Amazing Acrobats and their amazing stunts and performance that would keep your eyes glued on them from start to finish!

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